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Pierce Brown sits by a camp fire

In Bed With Pierce Brown

For Pierce Brown, sleep is his muse. Boasting a New York Times bestselling trilogy, he thrives in dreaming up his dystopian, sci-fi creations from his bed. With a fourth book and a movie in the works, Brown keeps busy writing and creating. But at night, he finds solace in his […]

abstract sleepy blurred vision

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness:
When Is it Time to See a Doctor?

Everyone experiences lags in energy, but for someone suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness, sluggishness and drowsiness are constant companions. Characterized by a level of tired that interferes with daily activities, excessive sleepiness is often misunderstood because of its subjective symptoms. While being tired might not seem like a reason to […]

Michelle Waterson

In Bed With Michelle Waterson

At 10 years old, a little girl entered her first karate class. Eleven years later, on February 16, 2007, she took everything she learned and entered the ring. That little girl is Michelle Waterson, and today, she competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) as a mixed martial artist. Ranked […]


Caffeine Alternatives to Fight the 3 p.m. Slump

Your eyes are fluttering. Your body feels heavy. Your mind is wandering. Everyone’s been there: 3 p.m. rolls around and it’s almost impossible to concentrate. When the post-lunch food coma sets in, it’s tempting to reach for that second — or third — cup of coffee. But it’s a temptation […]

Danielle Prescod

In Bed With Danielle Prescod

Movies like “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” and “13 Going on 30” make it look easy, but landing a job at a leading magazine is no small feat. With experience at top publications like ELLE, InStyle, Teen Vogue, and Moda Operandi (to name a few), Danielle Prescod […]

Pia Arrobio

In Bed With Pia Arrobio

Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner, and the Hadid sisters are just a few members of the fashion elite that can be seen wearing Pia Arrobio’s silky slip dresses, linen bra tops, and basic bodysuits – partly because they’re her friends, but mostly because her designs nail the effortlessly laid-back look they […]

Vanessa Packer

In Bed With Vanessa Packer

When it comes to wellness, nothing works in a vacuum. That’s why when Vanessa Packer created modelFIT, the fitness studio’s environment was as important as its exercise routines and nutrition consulting. After noticing a gap in the market when it comes to well-designed workout spaces, the New York native set […]

Hannah and Marian Cheng of Mimi Cheng's

In Bed With Hannah Cheng

Three years ago, Hannah and Marian Cheng started serving their mom’s dumpling recipe to open arms and hungry stomachs throughout the East Village. After growing up on hand-wrapped dumplings filled with local, organic ingredients, the sisters were shocked to discover the same quality wasn’t available at dumpling shops in the […]

Pari Ehsan

In Bed With Pari Ehsan

Pierre Paulin and Marni. Thomas Houseago and Simone Rocha. Philip Taaffe and Alexander McQueen. These pairs may not sound intuitive but for Pari Ehsan, it couldn’t be clearer. Museum masterpieces and designer fashion fuse seamlessly in her mind. It all started when Ehsan noticed her fur jacket perfectly complimented the […]

Scott Conant in apron

In Bed With Scott Conant

From judging the Food Network’s hit Chopped to winning a prestigious James Beard Award at 32, restaurant owner and celebrity chef, Scott Conant, is a dominant force in the culinary world. We sat down with “The Maestro of Pasta” to talk about how he fits in sleep between running several […]