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a dark room

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Sanctuary

The right sleep requires the right setup. If your bedroom is full of gadgets, noise, and light, it could be to blame for your sleep woes. Check out how an optimal sleep environment should look, feel, smell, and sound. Look Your bedroom isn’t a home office, gym, or movie theater. […]

sleep influencer's names

The 10 Most Influential People in Sleep

Search “most influential people in health” and you’ll see lists of celebrity trainers and best-selling nutritionists. The results for influential people in sleep? Zilch. We think it’s time sleep advocates get some recognition, too. After all, sleep is just as important as any other pillar of wellness. So, from scientists and […]


Lose While You Snooze: Sleep & Weight Loss

Excessive sleepiness causes lapsed judgment, reduced productivity, and higher chances of depression. But could it also affect our eating habits? This year, researchers at King’s College London went on a mission to determine how much sleep deprivation affects consumption. After reviewing numerous studies, they found that people who don’t get […]

common sleep searches

Experts Explain Google Searches About Sleep

A long time ago, in a far away land, we would ask doctors and scientists if we had questions about our health. Then the Internet happened. Now, we can get answers instantaneously by visiting a little site called Google. This week, we turned to everyone’s go-to information source to find […]


What It Means to Sleep Like a Scandinavian

From Ikea’s iconic build-your-own furniture to the cozy concept of hygge, it seems like we’re all trying to emulate Scandinavian style. Yet most of us ignore their best idea: the double duvet system. Scandinavians and other Northern Europeans often keep two twin comforters on their beds instead of one big […]