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A Failsafe Guide to Meditating For Beginners

Bruce Lee summed up meditation best: “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water.” Of course, unless you’re a lowkey martial arts master, that’s easier said than done. But meditating isn’t as intimidating as it seems. If you’ve never meditated, don’t stress. We’re giving you the what, who, when, […]

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What Causes Night Sweats?

Night sweats are the pits. If you’ve ever abruptly woken up drenched in sweat, then you may be part of the 3 percent of people suffering from sleep hyperhidrosis, or night sweats. But there’s good news: you may not be doomed to suffer frequent sleep disruptions and daily sheet-changing forever. We […]

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In Bed With Rumble Co-Founder Noah Neiman

When Rocky Balboa invests in your gym, you know you’re doing something right. Backed by Sylvester Stallone, Noah Neiman’s Rumble Boxing — with its water-filled, Aqua training bags and boxing-inspired fitness classes — has its sights set on turning sparring into a mainstream workout. And with Justin Bieber also financing the […]


Sound Asleep: Meditation Minis Podcast Review

Hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton has spent over a decade using meditation to help others sleep better. So it’s no surprise she uses it as a daily tool. “I used to have panic attacks, and I’ve always struggled with generalized anxiety,” says Hamilton, host of the weekly Meditation Minis podcast. “I also have […]

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How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth at Night

Grinding your teeth at night doesn’t just leave you with an aching jaw the next morning, it can seriously disrupt your sleep. If you’re among the estimated 8 percent of adults who suffer from sleep bruxism, or nocturnal teeth grinding, you’ve probably already been lectured about the potential damage to […]

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In Bed With Pro Surfer Dylan Goodale

On paper, Dylan Goodale has the perfect life. Here’s an average day: Wake up, eat a bowl of Lucky Charms, step outside to check the surf conditions in paradisiacal Hawaii, watch the sunrise from the ocean, surf – often professionally – all day. To say he’s lucky man is an […]

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Excessive Daytime Sleepiness:
When Is it Time to See a Doctor?

Everyone experiences lags in energy, but for someone suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness, sluggishness and drowsiness are constant companions. Characterized by a level of tired that interferes with daily activities, excessive sleepiness is often misunderstood because of its subjective symptoms. While being tired might not seem like a reason to […]