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10 Must Know Facts About Naps

Studies show that short daytime dozes are beneficial for both the mind and body. Here are some fun facts we’ve uncovered about napping from around the world.   #10 – There Are Three Types Of Nappers Habitual Nappers: People who nap at the same time every day Planned Nappers: Folks […]


This Is How Booze Affects Your Snooze

When you wake up and your head is spinning faster than Natalia Kanounnikova’s record setting twirl, you know you’ve indulged in one too many glasses of wine. In an attempt to undo what you’ve already done, you Google “how to cure a hangover.” Lo and behold the World Wide Web tells […]


In Bed With Teen Wolf Star Ryan Kelley

Werewolves aren’t the only furry phenomena in Ryan Kelley’s life. The Teen Wolf star, a.k.a. Deputy Jordan Parrish, is a proud dad to his cats, Daryl and Carl. To him, they’re more than just companions — they’re his best friends. While Teen Wolf wrapped its six-year run on MTV this past September, […]

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In Defense of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Clean Sleep Method

Oscar winning actress, legendary baby namer, and lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow has taken her wellness cred to new heights this year. After realizing that everyone she knows suffers from sleep deprivation, she rallied her experts and became a bona fide sleep advocate. Paltrow, who gets ten hours of sleep on a good […]

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Sound Asleep: Here Be Monsters Podcast [Interview]

What started off as one man’s journey to face his fears has turned into a six-season podcast with a cult following. From extreme narcolepsy to flesh-eating beetles, Jeff Emtman’s podcast, Here Be Monsters, sheds light on dark, creepy, and taboo topics. Part reportage, part confession, and part raw emotion, he seeks […]

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The Sleep Apothecary: Passionflower + Anxiety

When Spanish missionaries discovered passionflower in the 16th Century, they believed the plant looked remarkably similar to the Passion of Christ. Turns out, the missionaries stumbled upon a very good omen. Passiflora incarnate (or passionflower) is the species of the genus most associated with therapeutic benefits. Long before Europeans came to […]