Average Rating: 4.79

Percentage: 95.8

Review count: 4.79

Rating Rollup: {"properties":[],"rating_histogram":[2,3,17,234,1100],"average_rating":4.79,"review_count":1356,"media":[],"faceoff_positive":{"comments":"I spent a small fortune on our last mattress perhaps 8 years ago. Every day for the last 5 years i would wake up and feel like a truck ran me over in my sleep. My god i was only sleeping, how the heck could i feel like id been beaten up in the am? I have been looking at all of these mattress in a box dials for the last few years always saying maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, next month. I guess i was waiting for me and my wife to finally be sick enough of waking up sore that we would be forced to do something. \n\nThat day finally came. I heard of this company through my work and decided the time was here. I ordered a king medium firm i think it was called and literally the next day it arrived. That is flat out nuts. I can't barely get a package in the mail within a few days let alone a giant mattress in one day! Opening the box i was floored at how they jam that giant mattress in there. It was like looking at astronaut dehydrated space food how it was all somehow magically rolled up in this vacuum sealed bag. When we cut it open it was a live animal came to life started making a hissing sound and this thing got way bigger....\n\nI can honestly say that the moment we put it on the bed and i jumped down onto it, i knew i wouldn't need the 100 night guarantee. It was that much better from the go even before it fully expanded. We have slept on it for about 5 nights now and i promise, i wake up every am and I'm no longer limping out of bed feeling like i was thrown out of the ring by Hulk Hogan during the night. Its really incredible. Also, we bought the mattress protector which is awesome. I was afraid after i placed the order that it would be all plastic and make a crunching sound when moving around on the bed. Its not like that all all!! No sound and the bed is still super cool all night. That is very very awesome. Anyway, i feel like it was a great decision and we could not be happier with it!! Now we will need to buy the pillows (memory foam).","headline":"Goodbye to the \"Back Breaker\"","rating":5},"faceoff_negative":{"comments":"I ordered the firmer mattress as I needed more back support. After 2 nights I found it to be too firm,both for my wife and I. I called customer service and they sent a mattress topper. It didn't help. I called customer service and asked for the bed to be picked up. They were extremely helpful and arraigned for the pick up and full refund. Very pleased.","headline":"Not for me","rating":1},"variant_names":["Tomorrow Mattress"]}