Everyone loves to snuggle up but we all need a little space sometimes, especially when it comes to the bedroom.

In fact, many people in successful long-term relationships choose to sleep alone. Here are some reasons why.

Reason #5 – Your Partner is a Bed Hog

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Sharing a bed with a person who always fidgets, kicks and pulls the covers away can do more harm than good.

Rather than fighting over the sheets to prove your commitment to one another, try setting up some snuggle time before heading to separate beds.

That way you can maintain your intimacy and your quality of sleep.


Reason #4 – Snoring Keeps You Up

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There’s no bigger turnoff than a partner who keeps you up all night with their snoring.

That said, chronic snoring is associated with health issues like obstructive sleep apnea, and should be addressed by a doctor.

In the meantime, you might want to sleep in separate beds, or try the Tomorrow Adjustable Base in the oh-so-soothing anti-snore position.


Reason #3 – Relationship Drama

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Research shows that conflict can cause significant sleep problems. Trying to resolve an issue when you’re tired can make things worse. Our brains don’t work as well when we’re exhausted, we lose judgement and self control, and we often say things we don’t really mean.

The saying goes “pick your battles,” but we think it’s even more important to choose your timing wisely. Sometimes it’s just better to take a break from your partner and discuss the issue after a good night’s sleep.


Reason #2 – Someone’s a Night Owl

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The key to reclaiming nighttime bliss is in being truthful with your partner and communicating your needs effectively.

Studies show that partners who have different circadian sleeping patterns are more likely to have higher rates of relationship problems.

In general, women tend to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier than men.

To deal with different sleeping patterns, either compromise on bedtime or embrace your alone time and sleep separately.


Reason #1 – You Need Me Time

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We all crave alone time.  Having your own space at night allows you to decompress from a busy and stressful day.  It also helps you to calm your mind and recharge for tomorrow.

If sleeping apart at night makes you a better partner during the day, then it’s probably worthwhile. If you’re not ready to take that step just yet, you might want to explore getting a bigger bed (hello, California King), for more room to rest peacefully.

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