Some people seem to be born organized. If you’re not one of them, don’t worry!

With time, effort and a little patience you can develop the habits that organized people seem to possess naturally.  It all starts the moment you wake up.

#5 – Indulge Yourself

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Allow five to ten minutes of morning time to do something you really enjoy.

That could be reading, listening to music, meditating, stretching or watching T.V. — anything that brings you happiness!

Just make sure to set a time limit. You will be surprised at the boost of energy you get starting your day with fun and positivity.


#4 – Set Goals

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It’s list time. Write down the activities you want to accomplish on a weekly basis, then break them down into daily tasks. Be realistic!

Unrealistic goal setting can result in stress and reduced productivity. Instead, begin your day by tackling the most daunting tasks on your to-do list.

This eliminates the stress of anticipation, creates a feeling of accomplishment and makes for an even more productive workday.


#3 – Stick To Your Schedule

Of course, there will be surprises. Don’t feel bad when you have to adjust your schedule accordingly.

Try to set aside a time each week to deal with tasks that got put on the backburner.


#2 – Prepare The Night Before

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Prepping for the next morning should always be done the night before.

This not only saves time but can also help to eliminate forgetfulness.

There is nothing worse than remembering something you forgot to do as you’re walking out the door.

This also holds true for your workspace.

Before you pack up and head home, organize your tasks for the next day.


#1 – Practice Makes Perfect!

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Organized people are very methodical with their morning routine.

In the beginning, it may seem like a challenge, but after a bit of practice organization will become second nature.

Just make sure to keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t give up.

You’ll start finding it easier to get out of bed and complete your morning ritual, increase your daily efficiency and decrease your stress!

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