Amazon Sleeping Bags – A sleeping bag is a type of insulated bedding that’s most commonly used for camping and other outdoor activities. Similar to a portable quilt, sleeping bags incorporate high-tech insulating layers, comfortable lining and most importantly: a zip-up function to keep you snug in all weather conditions.

Types Of Amazon Sleeping Bags

If you’re planning a camping trip, one of the first things to consider is the type of sleeping bag you’ll need.

Lightweight sleeping bags are perfect for summer outings while heavier sleeping bags are more suitable for cold weather trips.

Sleeping bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and often contain different fabrics and insulation depending on both the price point and function of the portable bedding.

For instance, the mummy bag features an insulated hood and draft collar for additional warmth. Most mummy style bags include a draft tube that prevents cold air from coming in by the zipper. It’s shaped like a sarcophagus (hence the name).

With endless sleeping bag options, it’s hard to know which is right for you. If you’re planning on an outdoor adventure that requires a sleeping bag, here are a few things to consider:


Understanding Temperature Ratings On Sleeping Bags
Amazon Sleeping Bags Tip #6 – Understanding Temperature Ratings

Look at the temperature rating or comfort rating of your sleeping bag. This will indicate how much cold you can comfortably withstand while inside your portable bed.

It’s important to know that temperature ratings are a rough guide and tend to vary by manufacturer. Unlike European-made bags, there is no standard temperature rating system required for U.S. manufacturers.

That said, even if you are anticipating average climate conditions, it is recommended that you select a sleeping bag that can withstand cooler temperatures. It is far easier to unzip your bag to cool down than it is to warm up.


Down Versus Synthetic Insulation Sleeping Bags
Amazon Sleeping Bags Tip #5 – Down Versus Synthetic Insulation

Another aspect to consider is the inner material of your sleeping bag and whether you’ll need synthetic or down insulation. There are several pros and cons when looking at these two insulators.

Down insulation, which typically costs more, is superior in terms of compression and warmth, while synthetic insulation is lower in price and
performs better when it comes to water resistance.

In addition to the type of bag you decide to go with, your camping gear should include a sleeping pad. These pads or mats provide additional insulation for your sleeping bag.
A sleeping pad can make a big difference, especially when lying down on cold spots on the ground. Sleeping pads are both light in weight and compact.

You’ll want to assess your needs, including the weather and your budget before you decide on the type of insulation you’ll need.


Pack Bags Tight for Camping But Loose For Storing
Amazon Sleeping Bags Tip #4 – Pack Bags Tight for Camping But Loose For Storing

Most outdoor sleep gear comes with a stuff sack and a storage sack.

The stuff sack is used for easy carrying of your sleeping bag on outdoor activities such as backpacking and hiking while the storage sack is for storing and protecting your sleeping bag in the off-season when it is not in use.

The stuff sack should be packed tight so that the bag won’t become loose, bounce too much or fall off during outdoor activities.

However, your sleeping bag should be packed loose in the storage sack for safe keeping. This will prevent the insulation from becoming damaged while the bag is not in use.


Connecting Two Sleeping Bags
Amazon Sleeping Bags Tip #3 – Connecting Two Sleeping Bags.

You’ve probably noticed that there are sleeping bags on the market that have zippers on either side.

Well, this is great if you want to combine two sleeping bags together for you and your partner or for the kids.

This is particularly useful in order to increase body heat when the temperature is dropping outside.


Amazon Sleeping Bags Tip #2 – Women’s Sleeping Bags

You probably haven’t thought about this, but today manufacturers are specifically designing sleeping bags with women in mind.

Women’s sleeping bags tend to be wider at the hips while narrow at the shoulders to prevent air from circulating inside.

Also, compared to men’s bags, women’s sleeping bags often have more insulation. Because women have a lower metabolic rate, colder temperatures may penetrate the body at a quicker rate.

In addition, the core insulation in women’s sleeping bags is usually placed in the torso and foot region of the bag.


Too Many Layers Can Make You Feel Cold Sleeping Bag
Amazon Sleeping Bags Tip #1 – Too Many Layers Can Make You Feel Cold

If you think you’re keeping yourself warm inside your sleeping bag by wearing several layers, think again.

Wearing several layers of clothing can actually prevent the insulation from penetrating the body and you will feel colder in the long run.

As much as possible, strip down to your base layers such as your top, bottom, hat, and socks.

This way, the insulation in your sleeping bag will work best with your body heat.
Sleeping bags come with many different features for sleeping outdoors. With this information, you will be able to choose the right kind of sleeping bag for your needs.


6 Things You Never Knew About Amazon Sleeping Bags
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