A great mattress does far more than just feel good, it changes the quality of your sleep, resulting in a more restorative slumber that can lead to greater overall health.

Your preferred sleep position (side, stomach or back), will determine which mattress feel is right for you.

With over 100 years of innovative sleep science, we know how crucial it is to deliver a product that both feels great and provides restorative benefits.

At Tomorrow, we’ve created two mattress feels that deliver unrivalled support, without sacrificing comfort.

If you haven’t purchased a mattress in the last few years, chances are that you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed by the current market. There are so many mattresses available and everyone describes their firmnesses differently.

To make things easy we’ve created this simple guide to help you discover which mattress firmness is right for you.


Use Our Simple Sleep Position Guide to Discover Your Perfect Mattress Feel

How To Determine Which Mattress Firmness Is Right For You

Your favorite sleeping position plays a critical role in which mattress firmness you should choose.

Are You A Back Sleeper?

A medium-firm mattress is your best solution.

If you’re one of the few people who sleep on their backs, you need a higher level of firmness to evenly disperse your body’s weight across your mattress.

It might feel nice to sleep on a super soft mattress but you’ll pay the price for not having the support you need with a sore back in the morning. Back sleepers should sleep on a firm mattress that doesn’t sink.

Are You A Stomach Sleeper?

A medium firm mattress is your best solution.

If you sleep on your stomach, you need a medium-firm mattress.

These mattresses contour to your body to prevent unnatural spinal curves that occur due to weak support — like when your pelvis and hips from sink lower than your shoulders.

Are You A Side Sleeper?

A medium-soft mattress is your best solution.

If you love sleeping on your side, you need a softer mattress

This allows your mattress to conform to your body shape while simultaneously dispersing your weight and reducing pressure points.


The Solution Is One Mattress Design With Two Different Feels

Although everyone’s preferences are slightly different your mattress should always naturally contour to your body and distributing your weight evenly.

Like a properly fitting pair of shoes, it’s essential to select the perfect firmness to attain dreamy comfort and individualized support.

After thousands of hours of spent researching and testing different mattress firmnesses, we’ve discovered that most people think that our ‘Medium Firm’ mattress has the perfect feel. Our second most popular mattress is ‘Medium Soft’, the perfect firmness for sleepers who love a plusher feel.

With free 2-3 day delivery and a 365 night trial you’re guaranteed to rest easy, no matter which Tomorrow mattress you choose.