DIY Headboard – Every bed can benefit from a headboard no matter the size. Headboards can be functional or used as a focal point. Function-wise, headboards prevent marks and stains on the walls and provide necessary back support. Headboards also keep your pillows in place [1].  Many DIY projects can be completed in a weekend using tools and items you already have at home. The type of headboard you create will depend on whether you want to secure it to a wall or to the bed frame.

A headboard is only limited by your imagination. The best design is one that reflects your personality. Unless you have a specific idea in mind, look around your home for reclaimed wood or other textiles that can be used.

There are many step-by-step instructions available online. Here are ten unique and playful DIY headboard ideas that showcase both creativity and elegance.


DIY Headboard
DIY Headboard #1 – Jute Headboard

What exactly is Jute? Jute is a very strong natural fiber. The flowering plant grows 1-4 meters long making it the perfect fabric for many applications. Jute is not only readily available but is one of the most cost-effective materials out there. It is composed primarily of cellulose and lignin, making it partially a textile fiber and partly wood. The fibers are off-white. It is used in rope, twine, and food grade bags as well as clothing [2].  The technical term for jute fabric is raw jute [3].

For a new, beautiful headboard, simply transform table mats or floor runners with the use of a staple gun. The boho-chic inspired decor is easy, fashionable, and can be accomplished quickly. You can also use other similar types of fabrics as long as you choose pieces that highlight and enhance the other pieces in your bedroom [4].

DIY Headboard #2 - Tufted Headboard
DIY Headboard #2 – Tufted Headboard

What Exactly is a Tufted Headboard?

Tufted or upholstered headboards were initially called “stuffers.” They became popular during the 17th century when the demand for comfort increased and draping fabric on canopy beds decreased [5]. These headboards are perfect for those that love to sit up lounging in bed. The tufting provides comfort for both the head and the back.

Tufted headboards remain popular. They are known for their comfort and elegance. One of the beautiful things about tufted headboards is that you can use a wide variety of fabric and make designer “buttons” yourself. Of course, you have to pay attention to the type of fabric you use. The natural oils in your hair can quickly stain the headboard. Consider using vinyl or any other nonporous fabric.

Making a DIY upholstered headboard can be a more challenging project. However, many people use a pegboard instead of measuring and drilling holes from scratch. Not only does this save time, it eliminates the risk of uneven measurements.

DIY Headboard #3 - Old Windows
DIY Headboard #3 – Old Windows

There is no shortage of recycling ideas for the indoors. The bedroom is no different. Check out your local thrift shop or garage sale for some old window frames. With this headboard, the more rustic looking, the better.

Preparing old windows for the use of a headboard is an easy DIY project that can be completed in a few hours. Make sure you use a sander to get off any loose paint or splinters of wood. To make sure you hang it high enough, use painter’s tape to “map” for the wall measurement.

An old wooden door is also a popular option for a rustic look. Just be sure that you secure it properly into studs so that it does not fall.

DIY Headboard #4 - Wood Block Headboard
DIY Headboard #4 – Wood Block Headboard

This woodblock headboard is the perfect project for those who value sustainability. It’s also a wonderful visual focal point. The natural wood resembles a large, natural, puzzle-piece design making it the perfect eclectic decorating idea.

This unembellished log cabin-inspired headboard is perfect for a king size bed and is simple to create. It can be made by cutting cedar posts. Stain the wood posts with the color of your choice and attach them to a medium density fiberboard.

Keep in mind that this can be a rather heavy headboard so make sure you attach the cedar blocks securely to the fiberboard as well as the headboard to the wall.

DIY Headboard #5 - Rustic Pallet Headboard
DIY Headboard #5 – Rustic Pallet Headboard

Why use pallets for your headboard?

Not only can they create a gorgeous decor, the pallet upcycling industry has taken off in recent years. In the U.S, the most popular size is 48”x 40”, while in Europe, there are two main sizes: 800 x 1200mm or 1200 x 1000mm [6].  The use of pallets has become readily available over the past decade.

Using pallets to create a headboard is a natural use for the wood. It’s no wonder the use of pallets in the DIY industry has boomed. From furniture to headboards the possibilities are endless. Remove the good wood and cut it into varying lengths. Stain the wood the color of your choice. The great thing about this type of headboard is its versatility. You can make it as high as you want and create a one-of-a-kind headboard.

What’s more is that pallets are a great source of sustainability. According to the U.S. Forest Service figures, about 68.5% of recovered pallets are repaired for reuse [7]. Another 11.9% are reusable without repair. Another 16.2% are dismantled to be used as replacement lumber or in the construction of new pallets [8].

DIY Headboard #6 - Cedar Fence Headboard
DIY Headboard #6 – Cedar Fence Headboard

You can’t go wrong with a cedar headboard. Cedarwood is naturally resistant to water and decay. The wood is solid, durable, and can last a lifetime. Some people prefer smooth cuts of wood on a frame while others like an unfinished, roughly hewn look. If you’re going for a natural look, you can’t go wrong with a cedar headboard. Just be sure to restain this wood every so often to retain the color properly.

DIY Headboard #7 - Bookcase Headboard
DIY Headboard #7 – Bookcase Headboard

This is a DIY headboard creation that can be set up in minutes. Simply purchase 3 bookshelves with removable shelves. Place them against the wall. Remove the bottom two shelves from the middle bookcase and use wood glue to secure the shelf above your head. Be sure to purchase removable shelves or you will need to use throw pillows to provide additional support [9].

Surround yourself with your favorite literary and personal collectibles to lull yourself to sleep. Display your favorite books, a couple of accent mementos, and terracotta pots to add some color.

DIY Headboard #8 - Mantle Headboard
DIY Headboard #8 – Mantle Headboard

Almost anything can be repurposed nowadays. A mantle headboard can make your master bedroom look elegant and finished. It also provides a space to highlight your most valued mementos [10].

If your fireplace mantle is no longer in use, consider converting it into a headboard. You may need to put plywood in the fireplace opening or use any board covered with a textile that matches the mantle.

Restain or apply a fresh coat of paint to the mantle if you choose. You can also opt to leave it as is for a more natural look.

DIY Headboard #9 - Tapestry Headboard
DIY Headboard #9 – Tapestry Headboard

Tapestry headboards provide style and grace that is very similar to a tufted headboard. Tapestries are pictures or designs formed by weaving or embroidering on canvas.

If you choose a tapestry headboard, consider using a coordinating material for your drapery. A bold textile can make your headboard the focal point of the room. In addition to the drapery, try adding some throw pillows in a coordinating material to tie together the entire ensemble.

DIY Headboard #10 - Book Headboard
DIY Headboard #10 – Book Headboard

This is a unique DIY project that will showcase your love of books. It’s also the perfect DIY project for novices.

Gather several hardcover books – a thrift store is a great place to find used books. Make sure that are all about the same size to ensure symmetry. Lay them out on a piece of plywood the size of your headboard and use nails and a hammer to secure in place. Then, use double-sided tape or spray adhesive to tape them open [11].

Always check the manufacturer’s instructions or look for a good headboard frame tutorial online. Follow the step-by-step guide.

To make your DIY headboard project easier, create a to-do list. Chances are you’ll have to buy a variety of different sizes of wood screws, metal screws, paint, and stain. Depending on the type of headboard style, you may also need to buy batting or foam. You’ll need to make sure that the sides are measured well and edges are straight. Corners may need to be padded. If you feel ambitious, a new headboard can create a different look for your master bedroom or guest room.

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