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Frequently asked questions about the Tomorrow Sleep System.

What are the benefits of the Tomorrow Sleep Adjustable Bed?

The Tomorrow Sleep Adjustable Bed offers a variety of positions to lift your head and feet while in bed for a variety of positions. In addition to the given presets, there are also two customizable “Memory” positions to create and save two of your own favorite positions:

  • The “TV” position elevates your head to allow a comfortable viewing position for watching television or reading.
  • The “Zero Gravity” position simulates the sleep position of astronauts to allow blood to flow back to the heart and reduce stress and fatigue.
  • The “Anti Snore” position gently raises your head to allow easier air intake and help reduce snoring.
  • The “Rest” position simply elevates your head and feet to a comfortable sleeping position.

In addition to the variety of sleeping positions, our adjustable base also includes a USB port for your mobile device to recharge its battery while you recharge yours!

How tall is the Adjustable Bed?

Our Adjustable Bed, when laid flat, raises your mattress 15 inches from the ground, including the 12 inch legs. When used with a 10 inch Tomorrow Sleep hybrid mattress, the surface of the bed will be 25 inches from the ground in the flat position.

Will another brand of mattress work with your Adjustable Beds?

We only recommend our base for use with our Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress, as mattresses from many other brands tend to be too stiff. For the compatibility of any other mattress with our base, we recommend you reach out to the manufacturer of your mattress to see if it will be compatible with an adjustable base.

Where is the Adjustable Bed made?

Our adjustable base is designed in the USA and made in China. All adjustable beds ship from our Tomorrow Sleep facilities in Kentucky.

Can I keep the head and feet elevated when I’m not using the Adjustable Bed?

To maximize the lifespan of your Tomorrow Sleep Adjustable Bed, we highly recommend laying the base in the flat position when not in use.

Can I use the Adjustable Bed with my existing bed frame?

Sure! Our Adjustable Bed is designed to work on its own, with no attachments for headboards or bedframes, but can certainly fit in a slatless style bedframe that fits our dimensions. Feel free to try it along with any frames, headboards, or other bedding furniture that you may already have, risk free with our 100 night trial!

Are there weight limits for the Adjustable Bed?

The recommended weight limit on our Tomorrow Sleep Adjustable Beds is 750 pounds regardless of size, and inclusive of the mattress and bedding.

Can I buy just bedding or curtains without buying a mattress?

Absolutely! All of our products are compatible with any mattress or room, so you can buy whatever items fit your needs.

Are your bedding accessories machine washable?

Yup! All Tomorrow Sleep sheets, comforters, drapes, and mattress covers can be cleaned right in the comfort of your home washing machine! We do not advise washing the memory foam pillow or plush pillow fillings themselves, which is why the pillow covers are removable and machine washable.

We always recommend that everything be machine washed on a cold water setting and dried on low heat to maximize the lifespan of all Tomorrow Sleep products.

Is your Mattress Protector resistant to dust mites and bedbugs?

No, our mattress protector is designed only to be a waterproof shield to protect your mattress from sweat, stains, and other moisture while giving you the cooling benefits of our mattress itself.

What is the benefit of your Mattress Protector?

While it is an optional purchase, we certainly advise using our mattress protector to maximize the lifespan of your Tomorrow Sleep mattress, as it is designed to work along with the cooling system to rest your body in the ideal sleep climate while still protecting from spills and other messes. Other mattress protectors will certainly provide protection, but we can’t ensure that they will be able to keep you as cool.

What is your Mattress Protector made from?

Our mattress protector is a waterproof shield specifically designed for the Tomorrow Sleep mattress. It is constructed with 37% Cooling Nylon, 22% High Density PE, 41% Polyester to ensure the maximum lifespan while still providing the comfort and cooling benefits that your mattress can provide.

What are your Blackout Drapes made from?

Our blackout drapes are made 45% Cotton, 40% Polyester, and 15% Linen. The drapes are intended for our Tomorrow Sleep system, but are sold individually so you can use them anywhere you want to enjoy light blocking, noise reducing, and energy-saving benefits.

Can I use your Comforter all year round?

Yes! Our comforters are designed to keep you warm in the cold months, and breathable enough to keep you cool through the rest of the year. The Thermoball™ filling is an insulation technology designed to retain warmth while still allowing for the right amount of airflow to create the perfect climate for sleeping.

Does the thread count matter?

You may have noticed other companies boast high thread counts for their sheets and sell it as a luxurious experience. That’s because high thread counts are typically denser fibers that are less breathable, and often a retailer will use that excuse to charge more for them. By using a higher quality cotton at a more conservative thread count, we can make our sheets and comforters ideal for sleep comfort while keeping the costs down.

What is a percale weave?

Most bedding fabrics are constructed with either a sateen or percale weave. Sateen refers to a method of weaving which makes the thread shinier, but can also reduce airflow. To maximize your sleep climate, all Tomorrow Sleep sheets and comforters are made with a percale weave to create a longer lasting premium thread that is lighter and more breathable to keep you cool.

What is the fill power on your Comforter?

Fill power simply refers to the fluffiness of a down product, or in our case a down alternative product. Our comforter features a fill power of 525, which makes it a perfect weight for all seasons!

What is your Comforter made from?

Our Tomorrow Sleep comforter is made from 100% premium cotton percale weave cotton that provides an extra-smooth, crisp feel. Inside the comforter itself is 10oz of hypoallergenic down alternative Thermoball™ filling which feels and fluffs like down that keeps you warm without the weight.

What are your Sheets made from?

Our sheets are made with 100% USA grown Supima cotton and a luxurious 500 thread count. The fabric is combed, not carded, for a higher quality cotton and made with a two-sided percale weave for a light, crisp feel.

What is in your Pillows?

Our Plush Pillow has a 100% cotton sateen outer cover filled with 32 oz of Memorelle™ filling, a hypoallergenic down alternative that feels fluffy while providing support. The Memorelle™ filling is evenly distributed and will compress and expand as you move to maintain pillow shape integrity.

Our Memory Foam Pillow is designed using a two-sided foam construction that absorbs thermal energy on the cooling side, stores it, and releases it through the cozy side. It’s ultra dense composition isolates movement, personalizes alignment to reduce neck strain, and maintains its shape night after night. The memory foam is all contained in a machine washable cover to keep the pillow protected and feeling cool.

Will bedding and accessories from another brand fit the Tomorrow mattress?

Absolutely! While we offer our own premium lines of sheets, pillows, and comforters specifically designed to maximize the Tomorrow Sleep experience, any products designed to fit with standard US mattress dimension sizes will also work on your Tomorrow mattress.

Where are your accessories made?

Thanks for asking! Our Plush and Memory Foam pillows are assembled in the USA using imported materials. Our comforters, mattress protectors, drapes, and Sleeptracker are made in China, while our sheets are made in Pakistan.

What is the warranty on your accessories?

We want to be sure that you are getting the best sleep possible, and therefore we offer a 100 day guarantee on every Tomorrow Sleep accessory. If you decide during the trial period that you’d like to set up a return, just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist.

In addition to our 100 day satisfaction guarantee, all Tomorrow Sleep accessories are covered by a 3 year warranty. One less thing to lose sleep over!

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