Frequently asked questions about the Sleeptracker monitor offered by Tomorrow Sleep.

I’m having a technical problem with my Sleeptracker® App and/or System, can you help?

While our dream team can assist with most common concerns you may have with Sleeptracker®, for further technical support please take a look here:

Will having a pet that sleeps on the bed interrupt the Sleeptracker®?

Pets at the foot of the bed should not affect your heart rate or respiratory rate data, but if they get up and move during the night, they could affect your sleep data.

Will Sleeptracker® work if my power goes out briefly overnight?

The Sleeptracker® system will not record data during a power outage. Once power is restored, it will automatically resume recording your sleep data. The Sleeptracker® alarms, however, will still activate via your phone at the proper time if there is a power outage

Does Sleeptracker® require my phone to be on overnight or be in the same room as me to monitor my sleep?

No, the Sleeptracker® monitor will still collect all data if your phone is off or in a different room. However, the alarms in the Sleeptracker® app will not work if your phone is off, and you will want to keep your phone in close proximity to access the app alarms.

Do I have to wear a specific device to bed to use Sleeptracker®?

Nope! The Sleeptracker® system does not require you to wear any device. The sensors placed under your mattress monitor your sleep state, heart rate and breathing rate throughout your sleep.

Will the Sleeptracker® work if I share my bed with a partner?

Absolutely! You’ll just want to purchase the dual system rather than the single. That will track you each individually under two separate profiles.

What are the Sleeptracker® system requirements?

The Sleeptracker® monitor system requires a 110v power outlet, Wi-Fi connected to the Internet and an iOS or Android phone or tablet. The Sleeptracker® app is compatible with the iPhone 5 or later running iOS 9 or later, Android phones running OS 4.4 or later, iPads running iOS 9.x or later, and Android tablets running OS 4.4 or later. You can find the app in your devices appropriate app store, or links to download the app here.

What is a smart bed?

It’s a bed that can tell you how you sleep and how to improve your sleep. Seriously.

By purchasing and installing the Sleeptracker® system and app, all you need to do is sleep on the bed and wait to receive advice on your sleep habits through your app or via email. You can even set the frequency of those emails (as often as daily) to fit your life. Doesn’t that sound smart?

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