Between training clients, shooting Nike commercials, and squeezing in her own workouts, Kirsty Godso barely has time for sleep, especially during Fashion Week. But when she does, she snoozes in style. Armed with her Tomorrow sleep system — a Queen Firm mattress, Plush Pillows, Queen sheets, and a Queen mattress protector — Kirsty takes on Fashion Week with gusto, awake even before her 5:30 a.m. alarm.

Kirsty shared her jam-packed week with us — and how she managed to always make it home by midnight.  

Kirsty: Fashion week for me is a little different. I’d sum it up by saying the general theme was fashionably early! Here’s a look into my week of workouts, shooting Nike commercials, and never-ending dreams of pursuing Tomorrow!

Thursday, September 7

As a rule, I always fly out of bed before my alarm goes off. It’s more of an annoying habit that I’ve just had to embrace since my body clock seems to be wired at hitting GO at 5 a.m.!

The first few hours of the day are spent training clients of mine before sneaking in a late breakfast of eggs and avocado at my go-to café, Two Hands!

Most of the day is a blur as I race between more sessions, fitting in my own training, and picking up PYROGIRLS merch samples before heading out to the KITH show that evening. This is the only fashion show I go to each season as I’m more of a sneaker girl than anything, and as per usual, it was incredible!

Picture Scottie Pippen and LeBron James coming out for surprise cameos while DJ Premier is playing all your fave hip-hop tracks, and the “runway” is look after look of things you need immediately. It leaves you thinking that you need to move into a bigger apartment. Speaking of apartments — no after-party for me. It’s straight into work early the next day, so I hit the bed at midnight.

Friday, September 8

Early morning classes at Project by Equinox are a Friday favorite. My day starts with battle ropes and burpees with my regular class-goers, followed by a good coffee before racing to Nike HQ to work on fashion week concierge training.

The afternoon is spent preparing for a shoot the following day, followed by the Nike Off Campus closing party where Virgil Abloh not only showcased his collection of ‘The Ten’ Nike Icons, but put on a DJ set followed by surprise guests Sampha and Lil Uzi Vert.

After some dancing, photos, and offensive singing (wouldn’t say my voice is the best), again an early morning call time was lingering so home by midnight and tucked into bed dreaming about how much I need Virgil’s version of the Air Force 1.

Saturday, September 9

Nothing excites me more than collaboration, so our PYROGIRLS photoshoot had me flying out of bed and heaving my two suitcases full of sneakers, samples, and accessories into an Uber to pick up our stylists, behind-the-scenes photographer, and glam squad before meeting the rest of the team on set in Queens.

To say I have a bunch of talented friends that chipped into this shoot is an understatement! A 10-hour shoot day — making sure we captured the Pyro spirit — called for some celebrating that evening at my favorite Mexican spot in NYC, Barrio Chino.

Lucky for me, I had a 5:30 a.m. start time at Nike HQ to get to the following day, so I called it a night safely at two drinks and slinked home to bed.

Sunday, September 10

After my fashion week concierge training is done, I drink a beautiful coffee, then it’s straight to the gym for my turn. Sundays are always my favorite day at the gym! It’s usually the only day of the week where I get to train myself first, so even though my usual routine was thrown, I was still determined to get some solid work in.

If you see me in the gym, don’t think that a hip-hop fueled playlist is powering me through my pull-ups, box jumps, and assault bike work — I strictly listen to audiobooks while I’m training. I’m obsessed! I’ve also been known to lose total track of time when listening to my books so a two-hour Sunday session is frequent.

The rest of Sunday is spent walking around the city with friends and enjoying some relaxation time after another busy week in NYC.

Monday, September 11

Still ever-awaiting that luxurious sleep-in, alarm is set for 5:30 a.m. and is still beaten by my natural clock where I fly out of bed and get ready for this morning’s training clients.

Generally, my actual breakfast occurs at mid-morning. So to my neighbors’ dismay, the Vitamix is blaring early, whipping up a concoction of whey protein powder, blueberries, water, bee pollen, and Manuka honey.

I go straight from private clients to Nike HQ for more concierge training and glance at the beautiful basketball court and swoosh garden before heading to a fitting for a Nike commercial on the following day. At night, I’m back at Project by Equinox to teach a HIIT class before racing home to cook dinner and attempt to get some sleep before an early call time on set the next day.

Tuesday, September 12

It’s an early start but luckily I’m on set with friends, which always makes it fun. In between shots we’re constantly commenting on sneakers, favorite training drills, and how much we need some coffee.

Getting trainers to sit still is very difficult! That night to unwind, I go to my favorite yoga spot in NYC, Sky Ting Yoga, with friend and owner Krissy Jones. We like to sit in the infrared sauna there first before going to a restorative class and finally that night I sleep like a baby. A true dream come true. My sleep is a real work-in-progress, and I’ve found regularly adding in some unwind-time like this at night is helping me form a better relationship with sleep.

Wednesday, September 13

Back on set again early and feeling 1000% after a good night’s sleep. The Nike shoot that comes out in the holiday season is very different, so stand by!

I rush straight from set to Cadillac House to teach a HIIT workout for Jason Wu x PANTONE Grey. Very appropriate given grey is my favorite color (along with Navy!). Then it’s off to a couple of privates before sneaking in an SLT class late that night. A quick FaceTime conversation with my cat Niko who lives in New Zealand with my family, then I fall into bed, feeling grateful for a comfortable bed and beautiful bed linen, and manifesting a good night’s sleep before 5 a.m. calls me again like the stalker that it is!

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This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.  

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