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Too frustrated to fold? Don’t throw in the towel…er sheet…yet. Keeping your bedding clean is an absolute must, with folding being one step closer to cleanliness. Not only does folding reduce clutter, but it also reduces unwanted wrinkles. Follow our step-by-step guide so you can sleep on smooth sheets every night.

Step 1: Hold it up

Grab your fitted sheets immediately from the dryer while it’s still hot. Hold the sheet up lengthwise.

holding up sheet

Step 2: Find all four corners

Place your hands in the top corners, draping the sheet over each hand. Turn it inside out so the elastic edges are facing you.

folding fitted sheet



Step 3: Fold the sheet

Vertically fold the sheet in half. Place the right side over the left, tucking in the corners. Turn the sheet 180 degrees clockwise to hold it lengthwise again.

how to fold a sheet


Step 4: Fold in half again

You should have two corners over your left and right hands. Fold the sheet in half again, tucking in one set of corners into the other.

folding a fitted sheet


Step 5: Lay it flat

Flatten out sheet lengthwise on a flat surface. Fold the longer end of the elastic edge toward the center until the elastic is hidden. Then fold each end of the sheet towards the middle into thirds.

folding fitted sheet

Once complete, stow away the sheet so it doesn’t interfere with the feng shui.

Clean, folded fitted sheets are crucial to maintaining an optimal sleep environment. But you’ll need the right supplies. Check out our system of products designed to work together for a better sleep night after night.


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