Achieve a healthier lifestyle in 8 simple steps.

#8 – Stay Active, Every Day

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From long days at the office to nights in binging on Netflix, it’s easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle — but that’s not what the doctor ordered.  Sitting for long periods of time can be hazardous to your physical health, and can also contribute to increased anxiety and depression.

If you don’t have time to hit the gym there are small lifestyle changes you can make to boost your daily activity levels.  You can stretch at regular intervals throughout the day, park your car further away from your destination, use the stairs, or lunge instead of walk when you’re moving around the house.


#7 – Eat Healthy in the AM

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Your body fasts for a third of the day as you sleep so it’s important to refuel with a nutritious breakfast every morning.

Here are some healthy breakfast ideas:

  • High in protein, eggs increase feelings of fullness, reduce calorie intake and help maintain steady blood sugar levels.
  • Greek yogurt contains proteins that reduce feelings of hunger while simultaneously having a higher thermic effect than fat or carbs, meaning more calories are burned during digestion.
  • Berries such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries, are lower in sugar than most fruits yet remain high in fiber.
  • Nuts are high in calories which will provide sustainable energy, and studies show that nut consumption coincides with a lower chance of obesity.  They will leave you feeling fuller, faster.


#6 – Eat (or Drink) Six Servings Of Veggies

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A huge component to a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a proper diet. Don’t sell yourself short on veggies. Make sure to eat six servings a day to reap the benefits of their nutrients, fiber, and vitamins. If you’re not a huge fan of veggies, try juicing.

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#5 – Track Your Health – There’s An App For That!

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You wouldn’t drive a car without the ability to see the speed gauge. The same should hold true when you’re implementing healthy lifestyle changes. With smartphones, you can easily track your caloric intake, use the Tomorrow Sleeptracker Monitor to visualize your sleep progress or document your workouts in order to keep track of your progress.

Remember that your health is more than just a number on a scale. Tracking your dietary choices allows you to see patterns, measure success, and create accountability.


#4 – Set Realistic Goals

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Set daily, concrete goals for yourself. Remember, health isn’t just a state, it’s a lifestyle.

It takes time, discipline and consistency to see real results.


#3 – Drink Water, Often

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Always drink a minimum of eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day.

And be especially aware of your consumption during the winter.

Thanks to our bodies natural heat loss prevention techniques, we don’t feel as thirsty when it’s cold.


#2 – Think Positively But Prepare For Lapses

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Remember that holistic health is a marathon, not a sprint. Your lifestyle is built up on habits you have developed over years and changing them takes time and commitment.

Don’t beat yourself up for falling victim to cravings or skipping workouts. Instead, try to focus on how you can improve your health in the future.  Remember, it’s your long term commitment that counts.


#1 – Make Time

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It takes time to achieve your goals, especially when it comes to fitness.

Make sure to set aside time each day to work on your regimen.

Whether you’re cooking healthy meals for the week ahead or prepping for a good night’s rest, it’s important to develop a plan and stick to it.

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