Whether it was part of a package deal or a salesman convinced you, a box spring has probably found its way into your bedroom at some point or another. But thanks to advancements in mattress technology, box springs are going the way of the Walkman.

Why the change? Box springs were designed for thin mattresses, which can’t support a person’s body weight alone. Their spring-filled frames absorb shock to make your bed more comfortable. But now that mattresses are stronger and thicker, all the coils do is amplify the sound of your tossing and turning.

So do you need a box spring? In a word — no. Most people are replacing their box springs with a mattress foundation or platform bed.

What is a Mattress Foundation?

Mattress foundations look like box springs, and many retailers use their names interchangeably, but they don’t have coils inside. Unlike its predecessor, a mattress foundation is built solely for support — modern mattresses do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to comfort. Mattress foundations are compatible with both latex and memory foam mattresses.

Built to Last

Foundations use slats instead of springs to distribute weight evenly and help mattresses last longer. This reduces sinking and sagging, thus lengthening your mattress’s lifespan.

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Height Matters

Many argue that the floor is an easier — and cheaper — option than a mattress foundation. But placing a mattress on the floor increases exposure to dust, which can lead to respiratory problems and allergic reactions. A foundation’s extra height raises you above dusty surfaces and makes it easier to hop in and out of bed without straining your joints.

Which Type of Foundation Should I Get?

Foundations are typically made of wood or steel, but we recommend a steel foundation since wooden slats can weaken or squeak over time.   

If you’re willing to spend the extra cash, opt for an adjustable foundation. These allow you to incline the top or bottom of your mattress to help with things like snoring, acid reflux, and back pain. Plus, with additional options, you can pinpoint the adjustable sleep position that works best for you.

The right mattress support will help, but the key to a good night’s rest is a holistic sleep ecosystem. At Tomorrow, we’ve designed a system of products that work together to deliver the best sleep night after night so you can go from restless to ready.

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