From Ikea’s iconic build-your-own furniture to the cozy concept of hygge, it seems like we’re all trying to emulate Scandinavian style. Yet most of us ignore their best idea: the double duvet system.

Scandinavians and other Northern Europeans often keep two twin comforters on their beds instead of one big one. Sound crazy? Hear us out: Even cuddly sleepers don’t want to deal with 3 a.m. wake-up calls courtesy of a very cold and very exposed lower half. Separate duvets will keep you from fighting for covers and give you greater control over your sleep environment.

If your partner has different ideas about the weight, fabric, and size of your comforter, here’s your solution. You can get cozy under a big down duvet, while they toss and turn in lightweight linen. Plus, little quirks like sticking their feet out of the covers won’t bother you anymore.  

The dual comforter system may not be romantic, but it’s very practical. And it sure beats the alternative. Bad co-sleeping habits drive nearly one in four American couples to sleep in separate beds, which is a real shame because sleeping beside a loving partner can actually help you sleep better.

Scratching your head about the bed-making ritual? Do like the Scandinavians: ditch the top sheet, fold each duvet in half, place them side-by-side, and drape a blanket or throw over them.

See? Tidy and stylish. Alternatively, you can lay one comforter across both sides of the bed and fold the second at the foot. The only real downside is double duvet washing, but that’s a small price to pay for better sleep.

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Still not convinced? Consider this: Scandinavians are the happiest people in the world and almost every Nordic country trumps America in terms of life expectancy. We’re not saying their sleeping style is the cause, but it’s reason enough to try it out.

Ready to try the double duvet system at home? Grab two all-season Tomorrow Comforters for your full, queen, or king size bed.

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