Master Bedroom Ideas and Designs – In any home, the master bedroom should act as a sanctuary from the outside world. It makes sense to put the time and effort into making this room inviting and comfortable. However, a lack of inspiration can create a block for even the best designer. The good news is that there is no shortage of master bedroom design ideas that can be altered based on space and style.

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Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #18 – Skinny Bed Frame

Installing a four-poster bed in your bedroom may overwhelm the rest of your furnishings. Try selecting a thinner backed bed frame that blends with the rest of your master bedroom. Working with white or very light walls can allow for a darker bed frame to add contrast. Think about balancing your bedroom with colors and differently sized furniture (for example, you can pair a thinner bed frame with prominent side tables with a similar wood finish.

Liven Up The Bed
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #17 – Liven Up The Bed

Make your bedroom your dream oasis by focusing on the bed. A simple way to do this is to use a prominent headboard that’s possibly even multi-use – something big enough that you can conveniently lean against for reading or relaxing before bed. An upholstered headboard is really popular these days, and there are several DIY how-tos you can find online to make your own. If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, this can be a labor of love that’s tailored to you.

Add 4 or more throw pillows to your bed to make it look comfy and give the room a design boost. Streamline your room by using a consistent color palette that ties the furnishings together.

Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #16 - Wall Decor
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #16 – Wall Decor

Wall décor can make or break your bedroom, so plan carefully. Adding a painting over your bed creates an excellent focal point. An accent wall adds an extra dimension to a room. If you are not a big fan of painting walls, create an accent wall with wallpaper that has patterns or images. The rest of the walls can be painted with a complementing color of your choice. Wallpapers add texture to walls and can be a cheaper way of upgrading your bedroom.

Design Ideas Quick Guide
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Master Bedroom Color Ideas

Master Bedroom Color Ideas
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #15 – Neutral

Simple master bedroom ideas start with the basics, such as using white. A white-themed bedroom looks clean, chic and elegant. Dress it up with an accent wall that creates focus. Classic white works with any accent color. Place your bed against the accent wall.

Go for unique furniture pieces that complement or contrast with white. White is a neutral hue which you can pair with a variety of colors. Cream, green, or brown create an elegant interior that can make your downtime more enjoyable. Neutral shades in the bedroom do not have to be boring as you can get creative by adding pops of color. If you are insecure about your color pairing abilities, go for barn white with accent pieces like a wooden bed frame and furniture that stand out.

When opting for neutral colors, tend toward warmer tones which are reminiscent of natural wood.

Design Idea #14 - Monochrome
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #14 – Monochrome

Explore bold colors, and try using a monochromatic approach. With this color scheme, one color of different shades adorns your space including the beddings, curtains, furniture pieces and more. What is great about a monochromatic theme is that it is easy to pair your furnishings with your colors. Of course, be careful to choose the right color based on your taste and availability of bedroom furnishings in that same shade. If you add accessories, select those that enhance the hues, tones, and tints of the primary color.

Of course, these rules can be broken or bent. With warm, dark colored walls, opt for light, neutral beddings and pillows to create a contrasting effect.

Design Ideas Quick Guide
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Master Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Design Idea #13 - Classic
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #13 – Classic

Furniture can create a comfortable and inviting bedroom environment. There is no shortage of options when it comes to furnishings, but having a theme can make decorating easier. For example, a classic look for your bedroom means adding a headboard to your bed and bedside tables. Install a table lamp on each side of the bed for light while reading. Make sure that the height of the lamps are 26” or 30” so they are low enough to provide adequate lighting. Dark wood furniture paired with neutral colors anchor the classic look in a grounded, earthy place.

Design Idea #12 - Compact
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #12 – Compact

Space is always a factor when it comes to decorating. When working with a small bedroom space, the goal is to make the room look larger. A walk-in closet design or walk-in wardrobe may not be appropriate for this kind of space, but there are ways to find storage through convertible furniture pieces. For example, your bed can have drawers underneath it or you can add a chest piece at the foot of your bed which creates an extra seat and storage.

There are other ways to maximize your space. Add mirrors to closet doors to make your bedroom look bigger. For a small master bedroom, consider a queen size bed instead of a king size bed. Window treatments should be placed as close to the ceiling as possible to give the illusion of greater height. A ceiling fan with lights or overhead light fixtures allow you to forgo nightstands and save space. By arranging your floor plan ahead of time, there is no reason that a small bedroom cannot serve as a master retreat!

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Modern Master Bedroom Ideas

Design Idea #11 - Elements Of Modernism
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #11 – Elements Of Modernism

The three elements for a modern master bedroom are clean lines, simple accent decors, and plenty of natural light. Furniture pieces should have straight lines and shapes. There is no need for gaudy or oversized chairs as they will look out of place. As for the bedroom décor, accent pieces like contrasting colored vases or books add character. Take advantage of the windows in your bedroom to let in plenty of natural light.

Design Idea #10 - Lighting
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #10 – Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in modern bedroom design. Most designers recommend playing with natural light, but it helps to create a warm environment at night as well. Recessed lighting installed in the ceiling creates the illusion of a spacious room. Hanging lamps such as glass globes can reflect the natural light and lessen the necessity of lights during the day. Remember that lamps double as decorative pieces in your modern bedroom. Coordinate with the design that you have in mind, and enjoy your well-lit and beautiful space.

Design Idea #9 - Wood Furniture
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #9 – Wood Furniture

Another way to achieve a modern look for your master bedroom is to add wooden furniture. Liven up the space by adding a vintage wooden dresser. A classic piece acts as a focal point as well as storage. Pair it with wooden side tables on either side of your queen bed, and choose clean lines to fit perfectly with your modern themed bedroom.

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Rustic Master Bedroom Ideas

Design Idea #8 - Wood Work
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #8 – Wood Work

If you are more interested in rustic design, prioritize wood as your primary material. Look for a bedroom set with a wooden bed frame such as a four-poster bed as this will be the main focus of your bedroom. If you know someone who designs woodwork, add intricate wooden designs to your furniture pieces to transform your bedroom into a rustic retreat.

Design Idea #7 - Natural Materials
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #7 – Natural Materials

Rustic bedrooms utilize more natural materials than modern or contemporary bedrooms. These materials may look weathered, aged, or close to their raw states. Some examples are old wooden frames hung on the walls, repurposed wooden headboards, and woven rugs. Clay potteries and cast-iron lamps are great accent pieces. Stone also looks very good in these rooms as long as it does not take up too much space.

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Master Bedroom Storage Ideas

Design Idea #6 - Under The Bed Storage
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #6 – Under The Bed Storage

If your bedroom does not offer much space for storage, you will need to be smart about how to keep clutter out of sight. Fortunately, the space under your bed can be utilized by adding a rolling under bed storage box.

Design Idea #5 - Shelves On The Perimeter
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #5 – Shelves On The Perimeter

A great way to expand the usage and add a decorative factor to a master bedroom is to install floating shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom. Since higher floating shelves might be difficult to reach, store items that you will not need often. These shelves are great for placing special mementos or photos as well.

Design Idea #4 - Fold-Down Desk
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #4 – Fold-Down Desk

Desks come in handy in the bedroom especially when you prefer to work in your sanctuary. However, adding a desk can eat up a lot of space. A fold-down desk is perfect for bedrooms that do not offer enough floor area. You can simply fold the table against the wall when it is not needed. As for the chairs, use one from your vanity set or get a foldable one which you can hang against the wall.

Design Idea #3 - Staircase Bookcase
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #3 – Staircase/Bookcase

If you are handy with tools, then building your own decorative bookcase/staircase adds a lot of character to your bedroom. A bookcase that transforms into stairs offers plenty of storage while still saving space. If this feat of engineering is too daunting a task, hire a professional.

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Design Idea #2 -  Metal Structures
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #2 –  Metal Structures

For something unique and more modern, metal structures are highly recommended for the master bedroom. This material looks especially chic on side tables. Aside from adding a modern touch to your space, they are great decorative pieces provided that their colors are mixed and matched with the rest of your bedroom furnishings.

Design Idea #1 - Mix And Match
Master Bedroom Ideas And Designs #1 – Mix And Match

Mix and match is a bedding trend that will not disappear any time soon. To do this right, use only three patterns, and follow the 60/30/10 rule. The first pattern should take up about 60% of the entire bedding, the second piece should make up 30% as accent pieces, and the last 10% adds a bold touch. Make sure that the patterns differ from one another so there will not be any repetition. Pull this off correctly, and your bed will look chic and cozy.

Design Ideas Quick Guide
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