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Kirsty Godso

In Bed With Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso

She customizes kick-ass workouts on the Nike Training app, hosts high intensity training courses with Project By Equinox, and maintains an insanely popular Instagram account; but New Zealand-born Kirsty Godso didn’t find her footing right away. While pursuing a double major in finance and marketing, Godso quickly noticed her workout […]

Andrew Steinthal at Eeeeeats Con 2017

In Bed With The Infatuation Co-Founder Andrew Steinthal

While Carson Daly and Total Request Live found mainstream success in the 2000s, another duo on set were collaborating on a media outlet of their own. Nine years after meeting on an episode of TRL in college, Andrew Steinthal and Chris Stang launched The Infatuation, the popular restaurant review site […]


In Bed With Katie Sturino

Publicist Katie Sturino knew it the moment she saw Toast’s toothless grin and curly red hair: this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel rescue was destined for greatness. You might think playing Kris Jenner (a.k.a. “momager”) to her family of three adorable pups (Toast, Muppets, and Underpants) would keep her busy enough, […]

essential oils for sleep

5 Calming Essential Oils That’ll Lull You to Sleep

5 Essential Oils For Sleep Of all the senses, smell gets the least love. We obsess over what we eat, how perfectly our Spotify playlists are curated, and every last detail of our Instagram pictures. But all we can muster for smells is a speedstick and maybe a scented candle. […]