Technology is changing the way we live, shop and even sleep.

You can ask Alexa to order a pizza, and it arrives at your door hot and ready in about 30 minutes.

There’s even driverless cars, and one happens to be floating through space on it’s way to mars.

So, having an affordably priced premium mattress delivered to your door is just a convenient innovation that marks the future of mattress shopping.

Mattresses Are Large, Bulky And Not Easy To Move. So We Fixed That.

How Can A Premium Mattress Ship In A Box?

If you’ve ever moved a queen or king size mattress you know it’s not the easiest to maneuver through your home.

Not to mention, if you live on a second or third floor it can feel like an Olympic sport carrying a mattress into your home without dirtying your new bed, damaging anything on the walls or pulling a muscle.

That’s why we asked the sleep scientists working in our American 40,000 sq.ft. innovation lab to help us design a mattress that delivers restorative sleep but can also be shipped to your home in a box.


The Secret Of How We Pack A 10″ Tall Mattress With Springs Into A Small Box

How Can A Premium Mattress Ship In A Box?

We built a custom machine called a roll pack that allows us to apply extreme pressure to the mattress. The roll pack compresses the mattress using about 17,829 pounds per square inch to squeeze the mattress almost flat without damaging the foam or individually wrapped pocket coils.

How Can A Premium Mattress Ship In A Box?

Within just a few seconds the mattress is completely compressed. It is then vacuum sealed with a protective plastic cover. This process keeps the mattress compressed until you’re ready to set up your new bed.

With a couple of precision folds, we’re able to smoothly roll the mattress into a compact cylinder shape. Simultaneously, we add additional layers of thick protective plastic wrap.

How Can A Premium Mattress Ship In A Box?

Then, we slip your new mattress into an eco-friendly box and ship it fast and free, directly to your home.

When we developed this technology we had a straightforward goal in mind — to make buying a mattress as convenient as possible, without compromising on quality premium materials or raising the price.

It’s 2018. Your mattress should be waiting outside your door when you come home so that you can rest easy.