Sleep Tracker – More Than Just A Trend.

With a third of Americans not getting enough sleep, a whole industry dedicated to new sleep technology (sleep tracker) has emerged.

Sleep Tracker

It’s no longer enough to solve problems intuitively. Our professional and even our personal lives are increasingly measured in metrics and numbers. Algorithms are important. Quantifiable data are now part of our decision-making process, and it’s new technologies that we have to thank. From apps to smartphones, personal gadgets help us measure and understand our life in ways never before imaginable.

The technology for self-tracking sleep has grown by leaps and bounds. Most wearables [1] use an accelerometer, which is a built-in device found in most smartphones. This technology senses movements and operates with the same principle as your step-tracker or your Fitbit.

More and more we are seeking to differentiate smart a sleep monitor from run-of-the-mill wearables. So what are the real benefits?

#5 –  Stages of Restful Sleep

Sleep Tracker

How many hours did I sleep last week? What about last night? Was I sleeping peacefully after I finished my presentation? What about last week when I was stressing over the house renovation?

Sleep trackers have the answers.

The Tomorrow Sleeptracker® Monitor is a smart sleep tracker that lives under your bed and records how long you spend in each stage of sleep — from the light stage to REM and deep stages. Better than that, data for two can be recorded and analyzed.

#4 –  Insights Derived Through Patterns

Sleep Tracker Insights Derived Through Patterns

Data from even the best sleep trackers may not directly quantify your sleep quality. But they track your sleep movement, and your sleep movements usually reflect the stages of sleep.

Tomorrow Sleeptracker® Monitor

Sleep trackers can measure and record your sleep movements over time. This data can provide you insight into your sleep patterns.  And smarter sleep trackers can measure breathing and heart rates as well as the usual movements you make when you sleep.

#3 – Actionable Data … Fine-Tuning Sleep

Sleep Tracker Data

Smart sleep trackers can capture data showing how often you wake up or how late or early you sleep. This data can help you fine-tune your behavior to improve your sleep. The Tomorrow Sleeptracker® Monitor delivers individualized feedback and tips on how you can steadily improve your sleeping pattern. Best of all it’s non-invasive and lives under your mattress so you never see, or feel it. It’s like having your own personal sleep coach — one for you and one for your partner.

#2 – Personal Wake-up Calls

Sleep Tracking Features

The best smart sleep trackers can even give you wake up calls during your lightest stage of sleep in order to minimize morning grogginess.

#1 – Wear Nothing At All

Tomorrow Sleeptracker® Monitor

Tomorrow Sleeptracker® Monitor

Gone are the days of the bulky sleep trackers reminiscent of 1960s Star Trek. The smartest sleep trackers give you several options: under-the-bed tracking like Tomorrow’s monitor, wearables like fitness trackers or smart watches, and contactless sleep-tracking devices that utilize radio waves.

With tech giants, Apple and Google investing in powerful sleep tracker technology, the future is here. Regardless of how you plan to track your sleep, one fact remains — we all need to sleep. Tomorrow may be another day, but tonight we all want sweet dreams.


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[1]   Sleep Health Foundation Austrailia; Sleep Tracker Technology, Version 1, February 2015.

Sleep Tracker - 5 Instant Benefits Of Smart A Sleep Monitor
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Sleep Tracker – 5 Instant Benefits Of Smart A Sleep Monitor
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