It’s a chicken or the egg situation. You can’t sleep so you check your Instagram. Or, you’re on Facebook for too long so you can’t sleep.

Recent studies have revealed some surprising and disturbing results when it comes to the connection between social media and sleep habits.

So, how is your social media activity affecting your sleep?

Scientists Have Discovered A Disturbing Link Between Social Media and Sleep

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Last year, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh studied the association between sleep disruption and social media.

They surveyed the social media and sleeping habits of more than 1,700 Americans between the ages of 19-32, and this is what they found.

Troublesome Findings

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On average, participants reported checking their feeds about 30 times a week.

Approximately 61 minutes per day was spent on social media.

  • More than 50% of these participants reported medium or high levels of sleep disturbances.
  • Female participants were more likely to report sleep disturbances.
  • Participants in lower incomes brackets were more likely to report more significant sleep disturbances.
  • Across the board, sleep disturbances were significantly linked with social media use.


The Results, Not Surprisingly, Are Conclusive

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It’s not clear if people reach for their phones because they can’t sleep, or if they can’t sleep because they are on their phones.

Either way, there is a significant connection between sleep disruption and social media use.

Scientists note that further study is needed using older demographics, but the results for Americans ages 19 – 32 are crystal clear.

The more you scroll, the less you snooze.

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