Cooling Mattress With A State-Of-The-Art Phase Change Cover

If you’re looking for cool, comfortable and restorative sleep at night – it’s critical to start with a with cooling mattress.

Cooling Mattress
Tomorrow Sleep Real-Time Cooling Gel and Construction

The Science Of Phase Change

Phase Change Materials (PCMs[1] alternate from solid to liquid or solid to vapor as they detect temperature changes.  Water and wax are the most common examples of PCMs.

In the 1980s, NASA developed materials[2] which could protect equipment from atmospheric conditions by maintaining a consistent temperature. These materials worked to absorb the extreme fluctuating heat of earth as well as the extreme freezing temperature of space, to protect delicate interstellar equipment.

Tomorrow Sleep incorporates PCM in the top layers of their mattresses, bedding and protectors to help draw heat away from your body as you sleep.

Cooling Mattress Benefit #5 – It’s A Complete System For Cool Comfort and Support

Tomorrow Sleep Cooling Hybrid Mattress
Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress With Each Proprietary Foam Layer

Tomorrow Sleep mattresses are designed to maintain a well-balanced climate.

Foremost is the use of a phase changing gel, a material that we have fused into the topmost foam layer. The wrapped coils enhance mobility and support and also allow air to move throughout the mattress base.

The perforated outer-edge rails let air and heat escape through two sides, making Tomorrow Sleep the most efficient in thermal-control.

Cooling Mattress Benefit #4 – An Cool Evolutionary Technology

Cooling Mattress Phase Change

PCMs were first used for industrial purposes. Later on, PCM technology was modified for use in space suits. Eventually, this NASA-first-technology was adapted into fibers and textiles safe enough for regular use. Now, these fibers and materials are in our mattresses.

Cooling Mattress Benefit #3 – Hybrid Technology With Cooling Foam

Hybrid Mattress Cooling Technology

Tomorrow Sleep incorporates PCMs into its gel-infused memory foam to deliver the essential comfort and support you need for sleep, while pulling heat away from the body especially for hot sleepers.

Once your body cools down, the phase change gel releases heat in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. Memory foam ensures that the mattress still conforms to the contours of your body, so you continue sleeping comfortably and undisturbed.

Cooling Mattress Benefit #2 – 100 Years Of Sleep Science

Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Tomorrow Sleep and its partners have been researching mattress technology for 100 years, and their customers are benefiting from it. The technology that infuses memory foam with PCMs are part of the decades of research from the leading sleep innovators at Serta Simmons Bedding.

By selecting and balancing how PCMs are used within our mattress, we have narrowed and fine-tuned your comfort zone to deliver deep, relaxing sleep.

Cooling Mattress Benefit #1 – Layers Of Cool

Mattress That Sleeps Cool

Tomorrow Sleep’s PCM is designed to regulate your temperature so you can rest easy. Think of it as a built-in thermostat inside your mattress and Tomorrow Sleep’s hybrid mattresses use a complete thermo-regulating system.

Relax into contouring comfort and experience the difference of deeper sleep daily with Tomorrow Sleep’s revolutionary cooling technology.

Cooling Doesn’t Stop There

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Protector

Add Tomorrow Sleep’s mattress protector to this complete system without losing coolness. Tomorrow Sleep uses the innovative Instacool™ Fabric to give you that extra cooling effect.

Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid 365 Night Sleep Trial

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Cooling Mattress - 5 Benefits Of Tomorrow Sleep's Phase Change Cooling
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Cooling Mattress – 5 Benefits Of Tomorrow Sleep's Phase Change Cooling
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