What exactly is a Hybrid Mattress?

With so many different types of mattress on the market today, understanding precisely what a real hybrid mattress is made of could be the key to finally getting the best sleep of your life.

Hybrid Mattress Design

#1  Are hybrid mattresses one of those shipped in a box?   Yes.
#2  Are hybrid mattresses sold at mattress stores?   Yes.
#3  Do hybrid mattresses have memory foam?   Yes, some do.
#4  Do hybrid mattresses have springs?   Yes, but they are individually wrapped.
#5  Do hybrid mattresses have ventilated edge support?  Yes, well-constructed options do.

#1 How can Hybrid Mattresses ship in a little box?


We built and designed a custom machine called a roll pack that allows us to apply extreme pressure.  Compression, at 17,829 pounds per square inch, squeezes the mattress almost flat.

While the pressure is in full force, we then vacuum seal the plastic protective cover around the mattress.  This process keeps the mattress compressed until that vacuum seal is punctured.

With a couple of precision folds, we’re able to smoothly roll the mattress into a compact cylinder shape.  Simultaneously, we add additional layers of thick protective plastic wrap.

Then, we slip your new mattress into an eco-friendly box.

We developed all of this technology to make buying a mattress as convenient as possible, without compromising on quality premium materials or raising the price.

It’s 2018. Your mattress should be waiting outside your door when you come home, so you can rest easy.


#2 Are Hybrid Mattresses sold at mattress stores?

Tomorrow Sleep

Yes, absolutely.  Hybrid mattresses feature the best of both worlds: cutting-edge foam technologies with a precision engineered motion isolation spring foundation.  The hybrid mattresses sold in stores tend to be higher quality options relative to the all-foam mattresses that are more popular online.  However, these in-store hybrid mattresses also cost a lot more.

Is Tomorrow Sleep at my local mattress store?  No, if Tomorrow Sleep was sold in stores the price would be twice as expensive.

We’re passionate about improving your sleep and building a system of products to help you along the way.

To accomplish this, we sell direct to you.  This allows us to deliver the highest quality sleep products possible for the best price.

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#3 Do Hybrid Mattresses have memory foam?

Mattress Compression

A hybrid mattress by design features the best of both worlds: sophisticated foam technology and proven coil spring engineering. It’s not a requirement to have memory foam to be a hybrid mattress.  But, hybrids without memory foam lack the full superior comfort technology that delivers the most restorative sleep.

Many online mattress companies sell ‘memory foam-like’ materials that are less ergonomically advanced (adjusting to your body’s natural curves for ideal spine alignment) and lower quality than the premium memory foam used in our construction.

We have 40 full-time sleep scientists working in our 40,000 sq.ft. innovation labs to continuously improve the materials available for optimal sleep needs. Our fully-equipped research lab developed the responsive, real-time cooling technology in our proprietary Tomorrow cool and airy memory foams.

#4 Do Hybrid Mattresses have springs?

Mattress Springs

Aren’t springs considered “old” technology?  Springs will always provide far greater support than today’s “all-foam core mattresses’ that you see online. No matter how you layer different foams, springs provide incomparable support.

Think about the tires on a car.  All tires are round and made of rubber. But, that’s where the similarities end.

While tires still look the same, performance technology has vastly changed their internal design and composition through the years.

The same holds true in the mattress industry.  The reality is that spring coils, which cost more to add to mattresses, still deliver the best support possible.

Like the tire industry, today’s mattresses have a number of design differences. In 1973, mattress springs were intertwined and had large gaps throughout the entire mattress. This is why when someone would jump onto the other side of the bed you would feel it shake like an earthquake.

This technology has dramatically evolved.

Hybrid Pocket Coil Springs

We’ve engineered a high-performance system of carbon steel gauge coils that are narrow and individually wrapped to provide greater support for isolating motion.

This creates the stability your body craves as you sleep undisturbed while your partner climbs in and out of bed.

#5 Do Hybrid Mattresses have ventilated edge support?

Tomorrow Hybrid Mattress


The key to restorative sleep is rooted in the support layers.  Premium pocketed coils provide superior spine alignment regardless of your sleep position.

With 100 years of design experience we’ve identified it’s also equally as important to design a sleep experience that addresses proper edge support.

The result?  The most comfortable temperature neutral sleep experience by purposefully ventilating the edge support layer which creates a continuous airflow solution.  Whether you’re in a seated position, climbing in or out of bed, or simply enjoy sleep on the edge; you will immediately feel the difference.

A premium construction ensures you will have equal support from edge to edge across the entire surface of the mattress.

Hybrid mattresses that do not design with this focus on function create a sleep experience where you feel the mattress completely bottom out while sitting on the edge or even a feeling of falling while lying along the edge.


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