Supima Cotton Sheets – The Highest Quality Of Cotton Sheets

Not all cotton is created equal but Supima cotton sheets remain the highest in quality and durability globally.

Soft and sensuous, Supima “Supreme Pima” cotton, is grown using only the finest technologies in pure American soil.

Supima cotton plants can only grow in the dry arid areas of the country. If your cotton is from California, Arizona to Texas and New Mexico, you can be assured of 100% Supima quality [1].

Benefit #5 – Supima is Authentic Quality

Supima Cotton Sheets

There is cotton, and then there is Supima cotton.

Supima is a trademarked brand of the extra-long staple (ELS) Pima cotton fiber is grown exclusively in American soil. Extra long means that the cotton threads are naturally 1.5 inches on average while ordinary American cotton averages an inch in length.

When you see the mark 100% Supima, you are assured that the material of the product you are buying is 100% pure. However, products tagged as 100% Pima still may of contain other blends[2] cheaper cotton. Moreover, “Pima” merely denotes “good cotton,” not the trademarked Supima brand.

Supima Cotton Sheets vs. Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton is another ELS fiber. However, “Egyptian Cotton” tags merely indicate the country of origin and not the quality of the cotton. The Wall Street Journal reported on the increasingly dubious quality of products tagged as Egyptian [3] cotton even by one of its biggest suppliers.

Supima™ assures buyers of 100% superior cotton which has a verified and established supply chain that maintains quality standards throughout the development process. From plant to bedsheet, you can rest assured knowing you have an authentic Supima product.

Benefit #4 – Supima is Softness

Are Supima Cotton Sheets Soft

The cashmere of cotton, the Supima cotton fiber makes for stronger and finer yarns. These yarns are made from at least 1.5 inch-fibers and materials woven from Supima yarns are softer and lighter.

Pilling is caused by the wear and tear of use and makes for unsightly looks and abrasive textures on fabrics. The yarn length of Supima cotton ensures smoother surfaces that make for softer fabrics that are resistant to pilling.

Benefit #3 –  Supima is Desired Durability

Are Supima Cotton Sheets Durable

This brings us to another quality of Supima cotton sheets that make them far superior from other cotton products, durability.

Twice the strength of regular cotton, Supima cotton makes for resilient cotton sheets retaining its shape and suppleness not to mention its lustrousness.

Simply put, if 35% longer fiber is not enough for you, how about 45% stronger and softer? No need to sacrifice comfort for durability.

Benefit #2 – Supima is Supreme Color

Supima Cotton Sheets

With 35% more length than regular cotton, Supima yarns absorb dye more efficiently and effectively.

The result is lasting color penetration that produces richer and more vibrant shades of color for the beauty that makes sleeping a pure luxury.

After all, sleep is one of the essential luxuries we can give ourselves.

From vibrant colors to match your personality to the airiest of pastels, Supima cotton sheets will have the colors to suit even the most discerning of palettes.

Benefit #1 – Supima is Ease of Care

Are Supima Sheets Machine Washable

In the end, the proof of Supima cotton sheets’ superior qualities is in the wear and tear of use.

Unlike other luxury sheets that require special washing, Supima cotton sheets can be washed the way you launder your regular cotton sheets.

So if you’re looking for consistent quality and elegance, American grown Supima premium cotton bed sheets are a worthwhile purchase for years to come.

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Supima Cotton Sheets - 5 Benefits Of These Luxurious Sheets
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Supima Cotton Sheets – 5 Benefits Of These Luxurious Sheets
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