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view of desk and laptop from someone sleeping at work

Napping at Work: America’s Newest Wellness Trend

Napping isn’t just for toddlers anymore. From Spain’s siestas to Italy’s riposo, people have been taking mid-day naps for centuries. And slowly but surely, the U.S. is catching on. Just in the last few years, napping at work has become an integral part of company culture. Google, Uber, and Zappos have […]

futuristic nap pod

Office Nap Pods: Why Sleeping on the Job Is No Longer Taboo

At the corporate office of Ben & Jerry’s, employees are constantly sleeping on the job — and management couldn’t be happier about it. More than 10 years ago, the company added a nap room with a futon-style bed, allowing tired employees to catch a few extra minutes of sleep during […]