#8 – “Mattress Advisor gives Tomorrow Sleep mattress a perfect 10/10 for side sleeper spinal alignment” – Mattress Advisor

Spinal Alignment Is Critical For Total Wellness

Cleveland Clinic’s research suggests that habitually sleeping on one side on an ill-fitting mattress may contribute to muscle imbalance, pain, and in some cases, scoliosis. Sleeping on the same side suspends the middle of your body between your hips and shoulders, the broadest parts of the trunk. [1]

Proper Spinal Alignment



#7 – “The softer version is definitely the option you want to choose if you’re a side sleeper” – Real Mattress Reviews


#6 – “This softer mattress should provide more pressure relief than the medium firm which would be a better fit for side sleepers.” – Sleepopolis


Tomorrow Sleep Sleepopolis

Comfort Layer: “The next layer down is 2 inches of the same gel foam found in the comfort layer of the medium firm mattress. By increasing the size of this layer by 1.5 inches for the softer version Tomorrow Sleep is aiming to improve pressure relief. This construction, with the increased gel comfort layer and the removal of the bounce foam, is part of what creates the softer feel of this version.” – Sleepopolis



#5 – “There’s not much sinkage around your hips and shoulders keeping your spine properly aligned. And, when you’re on your side the memory foam is very soft” – Slumber Search



#4 – “This model provides a more hugging feel and contours to the body well and is ideal for side and back sleepers.” – Ted & Stacey’s Mattress Guides

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Reviews

“The medium soft model has been designed considering people who prefer a soft, plush feel in the mattress. This model is about a 4 on the firmness scale, 10 being the firmest.” – Ted & Stacey’s Mattress Guides



#3 – “The medium firm version is a little bit softer than average and the memory foam works really well so I don’t feel any pressure on my shoulder.” – Mattress Clarity



#2 – “Most side sleepers will enjoy the evenly-distributed pressure relief of the top foam layers and the firm support for their spine.” – Sleep Advisor

Tomorrow Sleep Pillow

“Those wanting the extra pressure relief of a slightly deeper hug experience, especially those who are significantly lighter, may prefer the medium soft option.” – Sleep Advisor



#1 – “This Is like perfectly float still (For Side Sleepers)” – Nonbiased Reviews*


Mattress Reviewers Share Why They Love Tomorrow Sleep

* Transparency Disclosure. Tomorrow Sleep provided the following reviewers free product in exchange for their authentic opinions. Some mattress reviewers participate in Tomorrow Sleep’s affiliate program and may compensate third-parties for purchases made through the links in their reviews.

[1] Cleveland Clinic; Is Your Sleep Position Causing You Back Pain?, December 11, 2015.

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