Home is where the heart is, or at the very least — where you get to rest your head. For YouTube starlet Nicki Andrea, having a comfortable sleep setup is key to having a great apartment, which is why she turned to Tomorrow Sleep to create the ultimate bedroom sanctuary.

In an intimate cribs-like tour of her L.A. home, the social media model gives us a rundown of her favorite home decor solutions. Along with a professional gaming station for her boyfriend, Andrea’s living room is kitted-out with wireless color-changing lights, a boastful record collection and a cozy sectional couch — but the YouTube sensation still prefers to do her lounging in bed.

Keep scrolling to find out how you can finesse a dreamy bedroom setup just like Nicki’s.

The Perfect Hybrid Mattress

“The best part about the bed is obviously the mattress,” says Andrea of her Tomorrow Sleep hybrid mattress. “I love this mattress…It’s the perfect amount of firm and soft.”

Pillows That are the Bomb-Dot-Com

“I also have memory foam pillows from Tomorrow Sleep which are the bomb-dot-com,” says Andrea. “If you have neck problems or if you feel like you just worked out and your back hurts, these are good pillows because they give you enough support but they’re also still soft.”

A Super-Soft Comforter

Along with her cooling memory foam pillows Andrea also has a sheet set and all-season down alternative comforter from Tomorrow Sleep. “This comforter is super soft,” she says. “It’s warm but it’s also light enough that during the night time in the summer you can still use it and not feel like you’re absolutely dying.”

The Sleeptracker Monitor To Improve Your Sleep

Like us, Andrea knows there’s more to sleep than a bed, so along with her Tomorrow Bedding, she scooped up the Tomorrow Sleeptracker Monitor. “You literally just put it under your bed,” she says. “Every night it tells you how much you slept, when you fell asleep, when you woke up, how much deep sleep you had, how much REM sleep. And it sends you an email in the morning…I love to know how much i’ve slept because i can totally tell a difference in my mood if i’ve gotten a good night’s sleep. A lot of that depends on the mattress and the comfort-ability of your bed but it also really helps to be able to track that.”

The Mom-Approved Mattress

But the most important thing for a good night’s sleep to Andrea is that her mattress is mom-approved. “My mom slept in this bed with me for like an entire week and she said that this was literally the comfiest bed she’s ever slept in,” she says. “And you know that moms know their mattresses.”